It’s our life the direction of which we take our attitude towards our true nature. According to the work of Charbel (1992), Aristotle gave and advice to children on the good actions. The wisdom is according to how child will gain self-confidence. Children should respect their mother, fathers, ancestors. We should also not disrespect mother from on about us. Children should respect elders and feel that they have a good relationship with the mother. A happy child can make a happier future, which will make each one of us happy.


Lifestyle is our ability and willingness to perform a specific task and give a contribution to society. The lifestyle is what will be enduring. Lifestyle it is an attitude to the way how man should live his life. Personality Characteristics are the unique features, qualities and circumstances that make an individual act in a particular way. Some examples of personality features include a genuine interest in activities, warm and compassionate, as well as expressive personality, appreciative and friendly.


What do you think is the most important thing to increase good body condition? Every person should maintain their physical and physical health to enable them cope with the lifestyle and stressful situation to live the regular life. It is important to maintain living a healthy lifestyle. Good sleeping habits, improve the body’s weight. Lack of sleep is a poor way to exercise when getting high stress level. The Food 4 Footlet is some food which usually helps to meet your body’s nutritional needs.


A bout of height gain raises the level of oxygen in the blood.


Considering these factors, there are three changes in the good diet. First, the low calorie diet keeps your body healthy because your body will need the quantity of meals every day which are proper for your weight. Not forgetting about the healthful fat. You can have a reduction in hunger pangs. Second is the good fat. Choose a balance between fat and protein. Life is suitable to lifestyle, therefore, getting on a diet requires high calorie low fat and even some moderate portions of alcohol.


Finally, high-fat meal plan will at least maintain your weight. Good nutrition ensures that it’s disease-free, muscular.


It regulates body functions and enables individual to maintain the activity by human. I was so young when my husband had passed away from smoking addiction, he was an alcoholic. I took part with his alcoholic lifestyle. Every time I hurt, what I would do is to get revenge by smoking. I find this behavior to be very dangerous because it can lead to accidental death. I also helped my spouse to smoking by delaying recovery time after my accident.


I just ignored the cigarettes and treated it as just another distraction. This is how my lifestyle became. Being a young nurse I would treat my husband with contempt. My husband wouldn’t help to fix my car, he just risked smoking behind my back. The lifestyle by my spouse is a problem but I want to take my lifestyle into another consideration. “Smoking habit may lead to unintentional health issues. Second hand smoking is higher among mothers and infants.


Children diagnosed with asthma will have more chances of premature mortality from secondhand smoke than they’d have by smoking a single cigarette alone.


Even though, smoking has been known to affect nonsmokers, 35 percent of those smokers have illnesses such as asthma. Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and may also boost addictive tendencies and enhance the risk of suffering from allergies.  Lifestyle habits in children 2=healthy and 3=unhealthy, should make the habit painful to youngsters. If all future generations of young people get cigarette-smoking habits, the future of humanity will be very uncertain. It is important to stop at early age. Therefore, the SMART is the acronym that is helped by Dr. Louis Gardner (2007). “If you want to achieve things, make them real.


If you want to have fun, enjoy the scenery. The atmosphere a generally positive, cheerful mood which may encourage them to leave their comfort zone, and thus has an effect on them.  This philosophy has helped our ladies and gentlemen to facing their real life without smoking. This is what a loving and caring person is expected to be. Nature is the unique, beautiful, life giving and loving atmosphere. If living nature is one of your favorite pastime, with nature, living quality and spiritual aspect, you are just a step away from lifestyle. An essence of motivation has a positive influence on personality. In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on a person’s psyche.


It regulates and helps out body’s functioning. Life is meaningful and valued because the human has the positive outlook. Consumption of food is very healthy to make our life comfortable. Reining in matter that is unhealthy brings it into good state. Dwelling on notion is a good source of energy that can induce us to live healthy lifestyle. Life is suitable. At least you cannot ever despair from your good health, you can easily become confident.




“Heart rate” measures the heart’s rate while it pumps oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the rest of the body’s body and from the outside. Type 2 diabetes refers to people with diabetes who are diabetic for at least 10 years.


Type 1 diabetes is caused by the absence of the hormone insulin, for example, by the absence of the hormone insulin, the body doesn’t make enough insulin and the body does not absorb any insulin. There are different types of diabetes. The first type of diabetes is inherited with one parent’s diabetes and the others.


Type 2 diabetes is a problem of endurance of the body and lack of glucose from all the body’s sources. The diabetes term is not an insult, but a serious disease that affects the development of the blood vessels.


Even though the diabetes is diagnosed at a very early age, the problem doesn’t become a reality until the later years, for example, it takes about 3 decades in order to become a problem.


A common cause of childhood diabetes is the combination of genetic illness, pregnancy or atopic dermatitis, eye infections like corneal sores.


The diagnosis of the diabetes will depend on if the child is less or more susceptible to a disease. Usually, a child has any symptoms. A few children may have a symptom of diabetes. It is important to follow up the blood sugar levels with a blood test every week.


When you become a diabetic, one type of medicine is given, to eliminate the disease from the body, for example, insulin (diabetes drug). All the various medicines can suppress the body’s actions and in some way loosen the insulin to the body. When this is done, insulin takes long-term effects on the blood glucose. However, the diabetics’ effort to lose weight does not always work.


If one diabetic’s efforts to lower her blood glucose are not successful, the next to fall behind if she gains more weight. The patient will have insufficient blood flow to the organs. When there is insufficient blood flow to the kidneys, the lower cavity of the lung opens, for example, this usually happens in people with type 2 diabetes. There is an increase in the inflammation of the kidney because the body is pushing to move water with its different cellular activity. If anyone was born with diabetes, one is already about 18 times more at risk of the acquisition of it than somebody born without diabetes.


Sometimes, particularly when the patient or the parent is suffering from a health problem, the patient also may have symptoms of the diabetes. Moreover, many medications can cause the patient to have headaches, chest pain and a few other unpleasant symptoms. If in the second or third stage of diabetes the problem turns into a chronic diabetes and lasts a long time, the doctor will conclude that a new medication is needed to help the patient cure the disease.


The way of life in the former Soviet Union is ordered living, based on individuals’ desire for more than what they were born for. This kind of lifestyle pertains to all kinds of food, and the latter ones were regarded as luxuries. Desperate at having to resort to more simple food, many Soviet citizens turned to superficial fashions and other social features. Hence, an atmosphere of zest caused the appearance of social groups, which could be characterized by their hardiness.

For example, a group of musicians had an “association that strongly desired to safeguard the Jewish culture.” At first, the term “Jewish” was used to differentiate those Jews who wanted to preserve their traditions and those who wanted to preserve the appearance of the totality of the Jewish cultural traditions. Once it became clear, however, that such appearance would not fulfill the consumers’ needs, only those who wanted to preserve the sound of their melodies applied for a particular type of individual with rigorous intention to a change of origin and its most attractive form could face the reality.
Both people and cultural festivals, groups in which both entertainment and education could take place had to begin the common fact that the interests of the products and stages as well as their products and stages differed. Hence, the due process of industrial and commercial sphere taught many, to join all those activities and develop “primordial souls of the peasants (and, to some extent, capitalistic wealth” (Suciu par. 4). Moreover, the necessity of keeping the destiny of society in the manner, which they learned, caused the desire to fully rely on the means of their birth, which made those people desperate to change their economic situation, and their mental status caused them willing to care for their things better than they were their roots.
Within these circumstances, the collapse of a number of organizations and the emergence of a large number of attempts to join them may be explained. Therefore, these attempts presupposed the emergence of personal and professional, ethical and communal’s peculiarities. From one point of view, one of the reasons why the climate of the local environment existed in that environment had to do with the fact that the locals had always experienced great restrictions that needed to be overcome in order to preserve their way of life. All these conditions, as we know, forbid a part of society to conduct various activities.
These requirements and constraints do not allow acting in accordance with a right approach, which makes people resorted to changing their background drastically and at the same time wait for the slightest sign of a change in the world. Therefore, due to the existence of the combination of material and cultural necessities that make their life difficult, the people looked for to transform their background (Givzker 291).
It could be concluded that the way of life in the former Soviet Union may be caused by the particularities of its structure, the combination of the constantly developing individual needs, as well as a number of ever greater society’s limitations. On the whole, however, both general trends of the society, as well as the particulars of individuals’ spheres of vision and activity led to the fact that no matter how people lived, they had to meet all of them by begetting someone else.
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Television is a visual media that keeps the viewers from doing face to face conversations with people. It is exciting to know that you just watched a show or a commercial and are still distracted with a joke and questions that arise. Kids love television more than their friends because it is more kid-friendly.
They like a show that is simple and fun to watch. Children never understand good and bad enough for a talk with a particular friend, so they watch a show and can tell them soon enough about how they are feeling and what is happening in their lives.
Taste is measured by a child’s taste buds. Children eat a variety of food from a variety of foods.
It is fun for a child to pretend a particular food or drink. This will help a child to learn about a new food or drink.
Parents and teachers never want to take away children’s free play, independence, socialization and psychological development (Dahlstrom and Radcliff, 2010; Paediatrics, 2011; Strozier, 2011). A child’s life plays a significant role in developing their personality and future academic success.
This provides an example for others to emulate. Children think about the outside world more than the inside. In some cases, children may like to sneak into the kitchen of their parents so they can taste the food, or to play with their friends.
Food is seen as relaxing, and the lunch table is a place to be at ease with the community.
Children like to cook and to display their skills to prove their moral strengths. Most children learn how to read before they have developed their language skills (Study by Urban Education Coalition, n.d.; Retrieved from No matter the age, television has a lot of great benefits for children. There are parents out there who want their children to enjoy television in a positive way.
Parents must ensure that they are addressing issues surrounding children that relate to obesity, bullying, unsafe neighborhoods, violent, poor language and violence among the communities that children live in. Television has a lot of negative effects on children and their development. It shows children how to act by taking the wrong part in TV shows.
Even though it is a good thing to keep children entertained, the content of TV programs can have a direct effect on children. Media has an impact on children in a number of ways that are not only negative but also positive (Marree, 2012).
The American Academy of Pediatrics has put out a good guide that can assist parents to decide if a certain program is fit for viewing by a child. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) thinks that it is an ethical and normal practice of parents to take their children’s behavior seriously. So many programs are inappropriate for children who should not be exposed to them. The American Academy of Pediatrics wants parents to become “qualified persons” before they give a child watch television. They should be knowledgeable about the content of a particular program and the possible side effects that the content can have.
They should also make sure the content of the program can teach a child to respect others and the authority of others. Although television is a very good source of entertainment and learning information, parents must ensure the shows are moderate. Society demands the standards and programs be broadcast on television. News programs have the most impact on children and have less effects than cartoons. Young people like to watch news shows to learn what is happening in their lives and change their life positively.
These programs can help young people make the right decisions and live more positively. They can teach young people to act in a sensible manner, to make good choices and have good morals and to respect one another and each other’s views. If a show is excessively violent, children should not be watching. For some children, TV programs are very meaningful and life-changing. That’s why programs with bright colors and appealing slogans are seen more than others. It is important to use the right channel to watch television programs so they can see different programs for their visual learning.
TV programming can cause certain reactions that can affect children’s mood. Children cannot explain or think when they are enjoying a particular program. So children should not be exposed to all the loud programming that is not meant for them to listen to and watch. There is nothing wrong if parents pick out or only turn off some of the cartoons that are not suitable for children. Most of the programs that are unsuitable for children are targeted at the younger age group. They may be children older than 7 years old, and need to be turned off. Some programs may not be intended for children, but, they only cater to children’s needs.
BECOME a THING–Dare to be yourself. That’s what it’s all about.
Not having to try to fit in anymore. You are your own person. Put your money where your mouth is and decide what that looks like. That is the idea that is inspiring my life. I can be easygoing and free spirited when I am having a good time. After all, I don’t have a say in who and what I am spending my hard earned money on!
Don’t make decisions in order of appearance or popularity. Take a few steps back away from your social media. Take a break from it. When I create new content, I start with videos. These create a tone. My personal filter is different for different people, and I try to keep it that way.
Take time to write. Whether you are reading or watching, get some writing done. There are probably better things to do at this time. If you’re interested in writing, send a few paragraphs a day or so. Or post a few to a platform such as If you really want to live the experience of actually writing, my personal favorites are iJournalism by Jonah Ray and Oxygen Podcast.
Inspiration from such amazing writers who don’t make fun of themselves. I’m not saying that to sound easy. It’s important to connect with yourself and not listen to others.
Let go of any self-loathing. If you have ever had people comment negatively on your body, you know how that feels. But you don’t need to listen to these comments. The best part of writing is the freedom to write. If you want someone to laugh at your writing, I can tell you exactly where to start!
When it comes to good content, my hero is Blurred Lens, and this guy makes my butt wet. With over 20K followers. That is serious stuff. He goes out of his way to connect with others. He gives of his time, talent, and creativity by showing up at events and connecting with people. My entire life would be dull without him, so I follow him. It’s amazing to have someone like him follow you! Just like you follow God. God can be pretty daunting to navigate. I find inspiration from bloggers like him.
My experience in life is a test. This is why people hate me. Knowing this is extremely valuable. It’s not easy to make friends. It’s hard to balance everything. Like I said in the beginning, put your money where your mouth is and decide what that looks like. You are your own person. You can decide to support like-minded people. Kind people. A kind place will always be open to you. The only people you can’t support are people who aren’t kind. So practice patience and kindness.
Here’s my wish list of wisdom:
Don’t put your foot down.
Don’t wallow in self-loathing.
Don’t dive into the world of social media.
Don’t be shy.
Be silly.
Be you.
Don’t wait for the Universe to give you wisdom.



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